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Cultivate a culture of empowerment and innovation within your organization by partnering with She Evolves.

Our 'Corporate Transformation Partnerships' offer tailored programs designed to unleash the full potential of your team.

Embrace a brighter future where empowered individuals drive positive change and success is redefined.

Elevate your organization with She Evolves' Brand Collaborations.

Our track record of successful sponsorships with reputable brands speaks to our commitment to excellence.

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Corporate Programs

We offer both prebuilt and customizable programs tailored to empower the women in your organization and team, helping them rise and thrive.


She Evolves is not a speakers agency but proudly curate dynamic experiences for your community: suggesting keynotes, guest speakers, conferences, corporate events, wellness sessions, workshops, retreats, and media engagements.

Our alumni and community is full of incredible speakers around the world ready to spark wonder at your next event or gathering.


Elevate your team's potential with She Evolves' customized programs. We craft transformative experiences designed to ignite innovation, boost morale, and foster collaboration.

Tailored to your unique needs, our programs empower your team to reach new heights together.


Unlock the power of coaching with She Evolves.

Our coaching programs connect you with experienced guides who inspire growth, provide insights, and help you navigate your unique journey.

Embrace the wisdom of coaching and let's evolve together.

Empowering Women, Changing Lives:
Our Impact Story 2022/2023

We are thrilled to share the insights from our 2022-2023 Impact Report.Insights on the impact of the SHE EVOLVES community so far:

The community has attracted a diverse group of 144 women who have attended real-life experiences through Re:Treat events, spanning across ages 7 to 81 years. Additionally, 150 women have participated in online summits.

Online Community: The SHE EVOLVES online community has seen significant growth, with 857 women actively engaging. This includes 442 members on LinkedIn, 1,541 on Instagram, and a TikTok presence with over 2.5K likes.

Life Changes: A noteworthy 49.5% of the participants have reported experiencing a significant life change since joining the SHE EVOLVES community. This indicates that the community has had a positive impact on the personal development and transformation of its members. 100% of our members report some change in their life.

Supportive Environment: Testimonials from community members reflect a strong sense of love, support, and empowerment. The community is described as a powerful container for both personal and societal change, fostering deep friendships and a sense of belonging.

Friendship and Belonging: A remarkable 72.6% of the surveyed members have made new friends or felt a sense of belonging within the SHE EVOLVES community. The community's impact extends beyond networking and provides a next-level experience of connection and friendship.

These insights are based on a survey conducted in 2022 and 2023, and they highlight the positive influence of the SHE EVOLVES community in empowering women and fostering personal growth.

The community has attracted participants from various countries, including India, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and England.

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